Monday, September 18, 2006

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Natalie:Senator Bennett and the Flag

Woods Cross Citizen has an interesting post about the United State Senate's most recent vote on Senator Hatch's flag burning amendment.

I was intrigued by both his post, and the comments it attracted...check it out.

I posted comments on his blog, but I will repost my comments here. I think this is an important discussion to have.

I said, in part:

I am a Utah Republican, and I happily vote for Senator Bennett every 6 years! I think he is doing a great job representing me. I rank him at the top of our delegation. I, personally, respect the constitution too much to amend it willy-nilly. Are we in any way threatened by flag burning? I don't think so. I find the practice abhorent, but a lot of protected speech is abhorent. I think losing our right to disagree with our govenrment and protest each others' and the government's actions is too valuable. So, I think flag burning is bad, but I also think if you want to do it, I want to be able to tell you how angry it makes me.

I also find the practice of voting in favor of something you don't support just so you can call in favors later abhorent and dishonest, and I am glad that Senator Bennett stood his ground. I appreciate his integrity in this matter.

I guess we'll have to disagee. Isn't free speech great?

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