Thursday, September 21, 2006

Meet the Candidate: Kim Burningham

Posted by Natalie

Kim Burningham is south Davis County's current representative on the State School Board, where he also serves as chair. I am hosting a meet the candidate/walk your neighborhood night for Kim on Thursday, September 28th at 6:00. We'll meet at my friend Jamie's house, chat with Kim about his vision for our schools, and then divide and conquer North Salt Lake. What a great way to get involved and support a candidate who so ably supports public education! Please let me know if you are interested in attending and I'll send you more information. Thanks!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Allie:Feed the Hungry, not the Politicians...

This is an email I received today from Pete Ashdown:

President Bush will be attending a fund raising dinner for my cash strapped opponent, Senator Hatch.
In response to this, I am personally buying dinner for up to 150 people at the Alta Club on August 29th at 6:00 PM. This dinner will be financed out of my pocket and will not draw from campaign donations. What I ask of the attendees to this dinner is to make a sizable donation to a charity of your choice that deals with hunger in America. I will have a list of suggested charities at the dinner and my staff will collect and tabulate and send the donations. No charity is coordinating with the campaign on this dinner, they are simply receiving the donations as designated by the attendees.

Senator Hatch, President Bush, Secretary Rice and anyone else are welcome to attend this dinner.

This is not a campaign fund raiser and donations to my campaign will not be funneled to this event or the charities. If you wish to make a donation to a hunger charity in response to this effort outside of the event on the 29th, please let me know.

If you can attend the event on the 29th, please RSVP* by Friday, August 25th. Choose chicken, beef, or vegetarian menu items.

I can't remember how to post an email link, but if anyone is interested in attending the dinner, the RSVP email address is

Also, apologies to Tyler for the hijack. If he didn't want me to ever post anything, he would have taken away the ability, right? :)

Natalie:Pay Pal Donations Accepted

My husband was just looking over my shoulder and wondering why Tyler has the Pay Pal link on his blog. We've clicked on it, and it just takes you to a place where you can donate to the Farrers. So, I'm wondering what Tyler's doing with the money, and also pointing out that Alice and I totally deserve a chunk of the cash he is pulling in, because we have been delightful guest hosts while he has been so busy being the family guy. So, donate today!

Natalie:From the North Salt Lake Star

"The proposed name change for North Salt Lake City is still under consideration. The City Council has decided to have a public opinion poll conducted and a cost analysis completed before moving forward with a possible name change."

If you are wondering how we feel, here's my letter to the Clipper published June 22nd.

And here is Alice's letter published the same day.

Come One, Come All!!!

NSL Independence Day Celebration!
Tonight, July 3rd
at Eaglewood Golf Course
in North Salt Lake
Live Music!
The Best Fireworks Display in the
History of Davis County!!!*

The fun starts at 6:00 - make sure to stop by the dunking booth! All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society, and you might get a sight of the elusive Allie!

*has not been verified by an independent fireworks auditor

Allie:Fog and Illusions

The Mr. and I attended a scout day camp with two Webelos on Friday. One of the classes we attended was called Fog and Illusions, where we learned about.... fog (what causes it) and illusions.

My family has been talking about the Culture of Fear lately, so this letter to the editor in today's tribune caught my attention.

It is so frustrating to me that there are leaders in our country who would keep us all in a fog, and distracted by illusions. As long as we are captivated, distracted, and then polarized by contrived issues, we are controlled, and the real issues can be conveniently pushed aside (until catastrophe strikes).

Would you rather worry about flag burning and an avian flu pandemic, or affordable health care for everyone.

I know what our government would rather have us worry about. Fear controls.

Allie:The Incredible Shrinking Sheena

This is is no way political, but Sheena is from Davis County. She's a good friend of my younger brother.

She's an inspiration to anyone who is afraid to work hard for something.

Natalie:Senator Bennett and the Flag

Woods Cross Citizen has an interesting post about the United State Senate's most recent vote on Senator Hatch's flag burning amendment.

I was intrigued by both his post, and the comments it attracted...check it out.

I posted comments on his blog, but I will repost my comments here. I think this is an important discussion to have.

I said, in part:

I am a Utah Republican, and I happily vote for Senator Bennett every 6 years! I think he is doing a great job representing me. I rank him at the top of our delegation. I, personally, respect the constitution too much to amend it willy-nilly. Are we in any way threatened by flag burning? I don't think so. I find the practice abhorent, but a lot of protected speech is abhorent. I think losing our right to disagree with our govenrment and protest each others' and the government's actions is too valuable. So, I think flag burning is bad, but I also think if you want to do it, I want to be able to tell you how angry it makes me.

I also find the practice of voting in favor of something you don't support just so you can call in favors later abhorent and dishonest, and I am glad that Senator Bennett stood his ground. I appreciate his integrity in this matter.

I guess we'll have to disagee. Isn't free speech great?

Technical Difficulties:Sorry about the pinkeye page

My apologies. Here I am sitting in the Hospital, amazed that I have some free time, and I notice that in switching the blog to pink, I broke my comments. People wouldn't have noticed since they could make comments, but the second I switched back to my regular format everything would have been a mess. So, I'm partially switching back, and I'll try to repost those newer comments that will inevitably go missing anyway.

Sorry again.

-The Management (Tyler)

Natgo:Davis County Elections

Here are the results of the Republican Primary and the School Bond Election.

County Commission "B"
Number of Precincts 220
Precincts Reporting 220 100.0 %
Total Votes 18984
Micheal L. Deamer 8382 44.15%
Louenda Downs 10602 55.85%

County Sheriff
Number of Precincts 220
Precincts Reporting 220 100.0 %
Total Votes 19390
Bud E. Cox 9945 51.29%
Todd Richardson 9445 48.71%

State House of Representatives #19
Number of Precincts 29
Precincts Reporting 29 100.0 %
Total Votes 3695
Sheryl L. Allen 2350 63.60%
Mark D. Jacobs 1345 36.40%

State House of Representatives #20
Number of Precincts 22
Precincts Reporting 22 100.0 %
Total Votes 2110
Ronald W. Mortensen 679 32.18%
P. A. Neuenschwander 1431 67.82%

Propostion #1 For the Issuance of School Bonds
Number of Precincts 220
Precincts Reporting 220 100.0 %
Total Votes 24500
FOR 19371 79.07%
AGAINST 5129 20.93%

So...I think things turned out well. Mostly because it would no longer be effective to call myself a Sheryl Allen Republican if she was no longer in the picture. What's your reaction? Also, are primaries a good thing? Many members of the county Republican party think they are too costly and divisive, and that they should be avoided at all costs. What do you think? Chat among yourselves...

Allie:A very short post

Allie:A REALLY LONG POST BY ALLIE (they won't all be so long I promise)

I had a friend tell me once that Davis County is a vortex. People who are born here never leave.

I can understand why. Davis County is a wonderful place to live. I grew up in Centerville and have only lived in other places during the time I was at Utah State and the less-than-one-year I spent in Idaho Falls while my husband finished up at Ricks (BYU-I, whatever, it was Ricks then).

This is my home, and I have a sincere interest in preserving the quality of life I have had here. Since today is election day, I’ll remind all of Tyler’s readers to vote. If you don’t vote you don’t get to complain if you aren’t feeling represented.

Representation is often a problem for me.

I’m a democrat. We’re rare creatures in this part of the world. Stare all you’d like, I’m used to it. I promise I don’t bite. It’s not like I’m a super-liberal-crazy-democrat (just wait until I talk about labels later). I’m really a normal, rational person, so it frustrates me there are often so few who admit to sharing my views. So few, in fact that often times the officials I elect to represent me, don’t. I can’t fault them (most of the time), they are busy representing the majority (no one has figured out yet that the world would be a better place if everyone listened to me).

(Here’s where I talk about labels) If you didn’t know I was a democrat would you be more likely to listen to what I had to say? Would you dismiss my words and say I'm one of those-crazy-democrats? (If you do it’s okay, we can all change. I regularly have to remind myself that republicans are not evil :) ) Last year during the election my husband and I had long talks with his brother. His brother was concerned that our “politics” were leading us astray. We assured him that our faith in our religion was secure. We also found this great article by Kathleen Gurr This brother is a good man, so where did he get the crazy idea that you can’t be a democrat and be religious? His parents certainly never taught that. I don’t think most parents purposely teach it. It just seems to be something that kids pick up from "unintentional teaching".

The wonderful thing about a democracy is that we don’t have to all agree, we can even disagree with enthusiasm, but we can still respect each other’s ideas and beliefs. Even when the issues are divisive, we have the power to choose whether we will be divided or not. There are two examples that come to mind…

First, Walmart in Centerville. There are many who are very upset and feel like their city leaders put greed above the desires of the people. Perhaps, but is it really worth hating over? Is it disappointing? Of course. Is it the end of the world, not quite. Life will go on and people will adapt (although hopefully not to the point of actually shopping there).

Second, the possible North Salt Lake name change. Would I be disappointed if it were to happen, yes. I think it is a waste of money. I have heard people call certain members of our city council unkind names. I have heard many people talk “us against them”, (them being the people who live up on the hill). Why do we need to be divisive? When can we figure out that it’s okay to disagree, and it is possible to do it without hating people or labeling them in a way that diminishes what they have to say so that we don’t have to feel threatened.

So we have a couple of choices, we can sit back and do nothing and be acted upon. If that is our choice, we have forfeited our right to complain (as far as complaining is a “right”) about it later. We can also get involved and try to bring about our desired result. In the case of walmart, my desired result has not occurred, although construction has been postponed. I am disappointed, but life goes on and it’s not worth being miserable over because then I would be miserable all of the time, and where’s the good in that? In the case of the NSL name change, it is not too late to get involved. As far as I can tell, the name change is not on the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting, Natalie can correct me if I am wrong.

We as citizens of this great country have the opportunity to vote (unless you are a democrat at a republican primary of course) and to be involved. When we sit back and do nothing, we give our power over to people who may or may not act in our best interest.

Enough Rambling, Go vote.

Natgo:Congratulations Are In Order!

As you can see, the blog is pink. This means that Tyler has turned the blog over to the two of us so he can celebrate the birth of their new baby with his wife Erin. Congratulations Farrer Family!!! I hope all is well with Erin and the baby (and with Tyler and Morgan, too). Al and I will try to keep the ship afloat in his absence. We're lucky - we'll get to post on the primary election and bond election results, and we'll probably take some time on our respective soap-boxes. If the Tribune doesn't publish my most recent letter to the editor, you might even get that here, too. I hope you'll stick it out and that Davis County Watch will remain the fun debate it's always been.

Also, the evil part of me hopes they didn't have time to vote, but I promise, I'm repenting right now.

Announcement: Introducing the Davis County Watch substitute bloggers

I'm going to try something new.

Frequent visitors of this blog may have noticed two new names listed as contributers to Davis County Watch. Allie and Natgo. Here is what I have in mind.

I will be taking a short (probably week-long) hiatus from blogging, while my wife has our second child, but during a critical political time for this county. I just can't let this blog sleep while I'm away. I've asked my blogger friends to pitch in and help me out for a week by throwing in their own views on politics in the county. I will be brief on introductions-only to say that they are my neighbors, have a stake in what happens in the county, and that their views are worth reading. They lead their own lifes, and have a unique perspective. Please give them every courtesy. Keep your language respectful, for there are ladies present!

I feel a little like I'm sending the Bat-signal when I do this, but I will signal my departure by changing the theme of the blog to a vivid pink. When I return, the color scheme will return to normal.

Bloggers, please, watch for the signal!

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